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Abdul the Great

Cans short of a six pack
5 cans short
5 cans short
Can Rating (Was 4) excessive, almost fanatical desire for that extra saucer has confirmed that Abdul is actually worthy of the 5 can rating.
Purpose Not quite sure... domination of the internet it would seem. Has a great Brain Disintegrator.
Comment Erm, the creator of this site has too much time on her hands! The only site we've had in here without dodgy HTML (Apart from the X11 fonts issue, why can't people type ", helvetica" for fscks sake? Bloody windows users and their made up fonts.)
Cult? No, well I wasn't sure it's a cult either, but anything that has had that much effort put into it must have something wrong with it.
Why? Fucked if I know. Not that we're in any position to criticise.
Update We have heard that Abdul has been "caught drinking Beer". We here at the Cults Institute feel that this is a blatant popularity drive, and have accordingly not changed his rating. So there.
ReUpdate After some more cultly behaviour (slanderous dirty tricks campaigns and propaganda) we have reluctantly increased Abdul's rating from 3 to 4 Flying Saucers.
ReReUpdate It has come to our attention that Abdul is not the hard living, poker playing Dude we had been lead to believe! New evidence gathered using TotL state-of-the-art, Bladerunner style image enchancement technology clearly shows Adbul's friends playing a Pokemon card game.

Consequently we have been forced to dock Abdul one flying saucer.
ReReReUpdate Due to Abdul's excessive desire for another saucer we have changed his saucer and can rating appropriately.
Overall Rating
4 flying saucers
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