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4 cans short
Quote Yikes - why didn't I use Chick cartoon tracts NOBODY can resist them.
Web Site Lousy. BLOCK CAPITALS all over the place. Redundant! exclamation marks, random selection of COLOURS AND FONTS! It's run off ASP too, so Mr. Chick is obviously secretly working for the antichrist (or his web developer is anyway).
Tracts? They're sort of religious propaganda cartoons. Some portray your enemies as buffoonish evil supervillains (anyone who has seen Nazi propaganda cartoons of Jews will find them instantly familiar), less negative ones promote ideas such as evangelism, fear-of-god (or whatever they call it these days) and other christian virtues.
Gems Some particularly good nuggets of truth are: The truth about dinosaurs (you just knew it), the guaranteed dangers of safe sex, parties, and (my personal favourite) masonry.
Vilified Parties Jack Chick isn't exactly what you'd call tolerant, judging by his tracts on Islam, Roman Catholics, Buddhism, Mormons, abortion, homosexuals, Jews (although see this tract for a scarcely-believable explanation of why the Holocaust was the fault of those nasty Catholics, and why all true Christians should love Jews. Practice what you preach, Mr. Chick!), rock music, role players (!) and communists.
Update (thanks to Huw Pritchard) There is a parody site, I havn't seen much of it, but it can't be too inflamatory.
Comment This is actually one of the more offensive cults we've had here, most of the others are just harmless lunatics - up as far as the "dangerous to self and others" category, but some of this stuff is actually pretty sick. It's hard to judge how many people believe in this kind of stuff, but I'm guessing it's more than believe in the Time Cube Theory of the universe!

I'm giving it an insanity of 4; some of the ideas are pretty wacked, but the "repressor" meme is well established and proven over the centuries, so I'm not convinced it isn't calculated. 5 overall, very cultly and sinister, strong internet presence, but doesn't include the well-defined, exclusionary concept of membership that is required for a really good cult.

Suggested By Jenny Star Child & Nicolas Chernyy + others.
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5 flying saucers
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