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Quote It has long been a widely-acknowledged fact among the System Administrator community that fixes to broken servers involve what is commonly known as "Voodoo" - That is, illogical sequences of actions which, despite their apparent stochastic reasoning, nevertheless seem to fix the problem at hand.

We here at Satanic SysAdmins suggest a more "scientific", quantifiable approach. We maintain that there are definite, easily laid-out steps which can resolve various daily problems with a minimum of fuss. All it takes is absolute compliance to these simple instructions and unswerving devotion to our Lord and Master, Lucifer Light-Bringer.

Web Site Best description is ... appropriate. Red text, bold, underlining, etc, etc. They also have a neat Satanic Tux, but what would Linus say?
What? It's a site that recommends evoking the powers of evil to aid in your sysadmin job (no, not Micros~1 before you ask). Which reminds me - we really should finish the "TotL recommended code banishing techniques" page we meant to do in, um, 1995 or therabouts.
Comment Fucking A1. They have, beer, Tux penguins, rabid rantings, world domination leanings, everything. I didn't actually imagine that we could find a cult with this many good points: Beer, Penguins, UNIXisms and World Domination. Wow.
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