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Cans short of a six pack
4 cans short
4 cans short
Quote This "iconsphere" will, among other things, support a crew of dolphins.
Web Site Decorative in a bad-new-age-paintings kind of way.
Dolphins? Yeah, y'know, the floaty dudes with flippers and whatnot. So long and thanks for all the fish, etc.
Iconshere? Apparently, it will be "the first think tank in space, a research lab dedicated to the study of mind's newly expanded horizons, to the investigation of thought liberated from earth's gravitational ties". *cough* "In space, liquids propagate into spheres. BLUESTAR would support - within a shell of space-made glass - a 250 foot diameter water sphere, ultrasonically stabilized".
Another quote "BLUESTAR aims to nurture the growth of new non-earth-bound ideas by inventing an atmosphere in which the dimensions of weightless thinking can be expanded, observed, and understood". Wow, Dogbert mission statements for new-agers. A new era of evil is upon us.
Comment Sort of a self fulfilling new-age UFO cult. Intergalactic sweat lodges R Us.
Suggested By M S
Apoology Um, looks like like this is the first Cult ov thee "Week" since late last year. Erm... I just picked this one a random from my huge list of mailed in cults, fear not there are plenty more where that came from.
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