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The Illuminati: One world order

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5 cans short
Illuminati, uh huh Yes, just what I though, very original.
Secretive Kind of, while they have lots of "members documents" linked in, they are behind a HTTP auth'd directory, but running a website doesn't seem like the kind of activity I would expect the Illuminati to go in for.
Serious? I have no idea. Normally it's pretty easy to tell with internet cults, but I can't make this lot out. Seems a little organised and well maintained for a windup.
What's their angle? Well, they seems to be advocating a new world government organised around 'rationality', dubious science and fascism.
Dubious science? An example: "There are different types of humans who are different in their genetic makeup and this difference is due to the experience of life style atmospheric pressure and of various types of matter they interact with.

"Let me get down to a more technical level. The human genome is like a big puzzle, which constantly makes room for new pieces. A human from China for example has a genome, which is unique from a human from Germany. So if a Chinese man or woman were to couple their genomes sexually the end result would be a superior human species from an evolutionary perspective. This is because the same type of genome will reach a point of saturation and once saturated it cannot produce too many more unique genomes. This is the cause of many forms of diseases."

Suggested By Robert Bain
Comment Overall a fine, fine internet cult. I've no idea whether they're serious or not and they have an amazingly lousy website filled with incoherent rantings. A classic.
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6 flying saucers
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