Fear and Loathing in the Millenium Dome

A Journey to the Heart of the Millenium Dream

Chapter 12 - Always end on a Song

They told me to end on a song
But I'm afraid I can't sing for toffee
With no tune it'll sound wrong
But at least it won't be off-key

So now, we began the come down
But we'd done what we set out to do
It was time to get out of town
Our train left from Waterloo

The train hailed from days of yore
Times of bowler hat and brolly
A proper old-style slam door
with an overpriced drinks trolley

Time for tea and maybe a biscuit
Proclaimed my worthy consultant
But I'm afraid that you'll be paying for it
Because I find myself somewhat insolvent

Searching for change in my pocket
I came upon Marvin Fenderson's card
I took a biro from my jacket
And stabbed that cursed thing - Hard

What on earth are you doing?
My friend asked me what it was I did do
It's a little idea I've been brewing
I call it business card voodoo!

[trombone solo]

It's business card voodoo you do?
He seemed greatly impressed
I was a great fan of furby kung-fu
But this is by far the best

Did we have tea? No, we didn't
because I couldn't find any damn change
But we got home without further incident
Which was in itself kind of strange

So that's the end of our story
and this is the end of my song
and that is quite enough of my dreadful rhyming. We went to the dome. We did some stuff. No one pressed charges.

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