Mix It!

By now, both teams should have finished their tasks.

Start adding the chocolate to the icecream.

Do it slow or the ice cream will set the chocolate rather than mix with it.

Stir the mix all the time you're adding stuff.

You should really use an official TotL Business SpatulaTM but you won't because:

  • You do not have one.
  • You do not want to get chocolate on the most prized thing you own.
  • They really are quite shit.

Add the rest of the chocolate.

Try not to think about the fact you are going to consume this stuff. At this stage it will only upset you.

Think about something else as you stir. Think, for example, about little baby lambs in as non-sexual a context as you are able.

Add the rest of the milk.

It's a good idea to keep away anyone who you plan to feed this to, because if they see it now they really are not going to drink it. Hand them their first pint in the lounge and once they have had that, they will not care what the bucket looks like.

Anyhow, you have nearly finished.


(K) Kippleright 2000, Temple ov thee Lemur