Dr. Fenderson's Greater British Empire (not affiliated with the British Empire)

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>>Create colony at GBE grid-ref (7,-5) Name of site: URL of site: Your Name: Your Email: Additional Pledges to the GBE: (No HTML tags)

Now cut and paste the following HTML into the page referenced by the URL above.

<A href="http://totl.net/GBE/"><IMG src="http://totl.net/GBE/weblogo.png" border="0"></A>

You may copy the image onto your local site and modify it, within reason, to suit the style of your site.

I agree to join the Greater British Empire, to put my website under the authority of her Majesty the Queen or her rightful successor for as long as it stays up and I do live. I do this willingly and without reservation. I agree to put a GBE member icon on the page referenced by the URL above. I have read all the dire warnings in the small print* carefully.

* The Small Print: External use only. May invalidate U.S.A. citizenship. I accept Richard Stallman as my personal Lord and Saviour and St. Ignatious as his prophet.

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