Pest Book Volume One

Volume Two was begun on 23/1/96

The Reverend Peter Harris

Discordians ! Hah ! Upstarts !
I'm a SubGenius and proud of it.
I'll bring my Sacred Nine Iron over there if you're not careful.
Praise "Bob" !

Irreverend Elseware

Arkle! Single line comments may now work. (If you can read this.)




Diffusing confusion and freakiness into the American legal system,




Pergamon Troy

Pergamon Troy

This page has been accessed from a BT machine on THEIR MONEY!!! HAIL ERIS!

pope malk malaklypse the 23rd

My self and cardinal grimbol grimbolypse have carefeully classified 'stuff' into a number of subdivisions, thus parameterising our ignorance.
Stuff - 'things' and 'clutter'
Things - 'toys' and 'utensils'
Clutter - 'tatt' and 'memorabilia'
memorabilia - 'ornaments' and 'junk'
tatt - 'paper' and 'stuff'

Thus is the mystery made clear

Irreverend Elseware

Now draw a Ven-Diagram

Actually, make that a Zen-Diagram.

Agent Avacado (K.I.D.)

I am agent avacado of the Kipple Investigation Department.
I have reason to beleive that you, Mr. I. Elseware, are in possession
of stolen kipple.
MY stolen kipple.
The kipple i`ve had since i was a boy.
the kipple ive loved and cherished for years.
Me and my piece of kipple (barney) were insepearable.
That is until you STOLE him.
You fiend. You won`t get away with this.
Ill come and rescue him, and lock you up, and give your kipple away
to much more deserving pope`s, who have never had the chance to raise
kipple of their own.
or not, its your choice.

graham crackers the 23rd Erisian of Mu

Hail Eris!!!!! I am setting up a cabal as we speak, and was most
interested at this home page

Lord Anonymous-Smithe The 4th

Your kipple collecting days are over.
I Lord Anon the 4th, hereby declare the existance of S.T.I.C.K.
(Stop The Inane Collecting of Kipple), the organiseation devoted to
the liberation of all kipple from its ruthless KCCC masters.
We will bw in touch

The Extremely Reverend Omar Kayam Ravenhurst V

Because I can.
Or maybe because I can't.
It could be because I don't want to.
Or maybe because I am.

Wrong Rev. Lord Baltimore Figg-Newton

Q: Is the color blue the same color to me as it is to you?
A: Check the labels on a box of crayons.

Shou_kou Asahara

We'll work hard,work hard,work hard, work more hard!

Illustrious Rev Dr Ghost, KSC &etc

HAIL hail HAIL hail HAIL

Bjork IS The Goddess Incarnate!!!!!

Praise The Fnord!

Antar Baraka El Kahire

Antar Baraka El Kahire

Wake me when it's over, said the Pharaoh to his bride.
I'm still a little shaken by events like regicide.
Tell us why you did it said the copper throughis grin. I'll bet you thought at last you'd finally made a friend.


Hail the fair one, Dionysus sings and Isis groans. Tell me how the heck am I suppose to gain the throne?

Illustrious Rev Dr Ghost KSC &etc

Previous statements to the effect that the Babacious singer Bjork Godsdottier is actually the Avatar of Discordia Divine are no way intended to be taken as Catma.
Further statements to this effect are superflious [and my dictionary is incapable of compiling this text] and unnerving.
That is to say that it is far more important that the world nose of its fate. Kipple-AntiKipple reactions are not to be sneezed at! The Escalation of Confrontation is a Demarkation of Reformation.
Furthermore I feel positive that that affirmitive action is a step backward.
My only question is -><- is it illegal to found drunk in charge of a modem whilst driving down the Infobahn?

Her most Illustrious reverence of Aggravation

Schwa is a great corporation to work for....Fnord!

Elvis Presley

Click here if you have a web server

Schabe y pues Schabe, KSC, ESC, CEO Schabe Inc.

There is no Goddess but Goddess. There is no Zenbulldada
without Schabe Inc.. There is no Schabe Inc. without the
Goddess. The Goddess is Zenbulldada. Doubt it. Doubt it.
Doubt it. Doubt it. Doubt it.

Dont let the .'s, !'s, and the ""'s stop you from asking
the ?'s

Read the Skeptic Manifesto for further details or e-mail

Rev. Ghestahdt the Arborial, POPE, POEE. EBSC,MKC

what happened to the page?


Harvey, invisible warrior rabbit of Klenge


Obey. Obey. O-B-E-Y. It is the only path of truth.


the reverend doctor avacado maximillius

be weary not soldiers of fate for the big one creates chaos for order


wtf are you on!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS click here!!!!!!!