Some of Peoples Favourite Forms of

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How to make:


which is a discordian thing

  1. Take a Glass; any glass will do. As long as it is OK.
  2. Carefully find a tap.
  3. Fill the glass HALF FULL with water. Half empty just won't do.
  4. Find a fork. (with five prongs if possible, but any fork will do)
  5. Put the fork in the glass.
  6. Leave the glass on your lounge window-sill.
  7. enjoy.
** Don't forget to change the water every five weeks or so.

Shopping Trolleys

These old favourites never fail to please. Shopping Trolleys are prime kipple breeding stock: just leave two somewhere for a few weeks and lo: you have five!

Ring Pulls

The classic discordian kipple. Many discordians wear ring pulls around their necks on a peice of wire so they can recognise and avoid each other.

Pocket Fluff

Great stuff isn't it - I can't get enough of it.

Bus Tickets

They're everywhere, one of the most virulent and rapidly reproducing forms of kipple. ( especially when you get the bus to work)

A form of Anti-Kipple

This anti-kipple is very much in the same league as matter/anti-matter.
It is of course Bog roll, or toilet tissue for my more erudite friends.

Bog Roll

Whilst bog roll is anti-kippular under most circumstances, it can be made into a highly entertaining form of kipple simply by leaving a fair quantity in your jeans pocket when you do your washing. The effect is unique and long-lasting. Similar effects can also be achieved with cigarettes (tobacco kipple) and Weetabix.


Weetabix is sometimes viewed as an attempt by them to suppress kipple by moulding it into a stable and manageable form. However, adding milk and stirring vigorously, or even just placing on the floor and stamping upon them, is a great way of releasing the bound kipple from Weetabix.

Weetabix are easily the most exciting cereal ever created.

Left Socks

The socks that
are left behind
when the dryer (or
washer) takes the
right ones.

fork in glass of water

Copyright TLI 1994. Get it sorted Cwith.

Downloaded Discordian web-page copies

DAMMIT! I KNOW I didn't download the calendar 6 times?!?!?
Or was it the evil little sock-gremlins!
Oh well...One for me...5 to give to friends! Hmm...5!
Hail ERIS!

Computer Droppings

The shards of paper that accumulate around the pinnacle of man's organizational ability.
In other words, all of the shit that grows on my desk as I sit at it.


As a child brussel sprouts, limas or any "just one more bite and you'll
be through" foods. Later Police cars- you see one but there's always more
lurking about. Also, those blasted bread-bag ties.

cd longboxes

balance them carefully so they spill onto the floor when you
open the cabinet beneath the cd player...of course THEY
were behind the extinction of the long box, but WE have a
collection, do we not?

British Comedies on American TV

Afterall, no one understands them except the enlightened Americans. And they're on PBS. I mean, only the enlightened of us even watch PBS at all!


AMEN to that, brother. Say, didn't the American screening
of the prisoner have someone on afterwoulds to explain it
to them...

Guitar Strings

I must have a thousand broken guitar strings clogging up
my bedroom. How do you get rid of the damn things when
they break?
Answer: You can't. Learn to love them.


Other peoples acoustic guitars.

Look in the corner of your bedroom. Your cupboard,
your loft. They will be their!

robert kipple

robert kipple

robert kipple is an austrailan artist ,who makes well known sculptures

Robert Kipple

Is he anything like Robert Fripple, the guitarist?


The greatest Kipple of the all.

Wurgian BastardCruisers (Mark VII)

hang on, that ain't a kipple, that's a brointon. Oh well...

The World Wide Web

It's a pile of pants. It's just full up of crap that no-one is ever going to read because they're too busy writing pages to tell the world about their crap. I mean, which of you will follow this link and prove me wrong?

ATM and credit card receipts

They float around,
exposing my precious account number
for all to see,
but no one can steal from me,
for I have no money!

Safety Pins

Sneaky little Kipple. (Safety? Ha! Dangerous Weapony Spear
of Death Pins is more like it.) They run and hide when your
thingamawhazzit comes un-sprigged, but there there are,
lying in wait. Hiding under cusions. Eager to sproing out
and stab you in the ass. But I've found them out.
MUAHAHAHAHA! I'll them all clipped to pants where they
can do no harm.
OWIE! Curses... Foiled again.

The Loompantics Edition of the Princepa

These thing are everywhere. Libraries even!! DON'T LET THEM

Turkish coffee grounds

You find the damn things at the bottom of every cup of Turkish coffee you will ever order. They say that the grounds are there because of how the coffee is made, but I know better. FIVE TONS OF FLAX!!!