Discordian Magic
The first question to ask yourself is, 'is it a good idea for a Discordian to practice magic?'. The answer is obviously an emphatic NO. But since when did that stop us? There is no reason (except common sense) that a Discordian can't be a mage or a sorcerer or a witch or a shaman or a teapot.

By the way some people spell magic with a 'k' and some without, so I thought I'd do both and try and keep everyone happy.

The Turkey Curse is an excellent example of Discordian Magic and The Chaos Spiral is a useful sigil representing Discordian attitudes and the Discordian lifestyle(!).

There is one school of magic almost tailor made for Discordians and that is Chaos Magic.

Chaos Magic is about doing magic with whatever seems to work for you. Thus you can be as silly as you deem neccessary. For a Discordian this can be very silly indeed. How silly I fear to discover.

For some more information on Chaos Magic see Tools of Chaos.