Behold, The Culture has Plans...
Current Projects:
  • Operation "Mad-Dog"
    This operation is on a strict need-to-know rule, guys.

  • Poetic Terrorism
    Current ideas:
    1. Chain every lost supermarket trolley in the city to a lamppost in one evening.
    2. Chalk a giant sacred chao or chao smiley in the center of a junction.
    3. Tape inspiring poetry up in toilets. Note Tape not write, I dislike inviting people to damage others property.
    4. Continue the trend of Cashicide - The destruction of back notes, for the enlightenment of observers.
    Please note. K-Culture does not advocate certain forms of art-terrorism. Explicatly, those in which there is a clear victim or in which the society is thrown into a bad light (for no good reason). Examples of this kind of unacceptable art-terror include damaging the property of individuals or things which are unprofitably hurtful - anti-jew, anti-black, anti-white or anti-anti-nazi etc.

    I feel that the best forms are those which an individual can't even understand, and feels might be applicable to themselves. Eg. a "The Enegizer bunny died for your sins" outside a spirtualist church. Outside a Christian Church this would be misinterpreted as taking the piss but this has no clear meaning or reason - savvy?

    Also good is self-contradictory stuff - especially if it sounds like you're trying to agree with someone else but confuse their message. eg. On a toilet door under "Kill fucking homo-faggots" write "Yeah, and kill all the fanatics too!". Get the idea?

  • World Domination
    An old favorite which is currently on a back burner.

  • Either Immanentize the Eschaton or stop THEM doing it.
    We'll start this project just once we're clear what the hell it means.

  • Recreational Theology
    I plan to join a local church, I'm not clear what type yet, probably fundamentalist christian because I already know all the songs, thanks to my parents. I can then go and out-fanatic them once a week. Gain their respect, and try and illuminize them a little before I get to bored to continue.
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