Why Rec.Crafts.Rubberstamps don't like me

After a posting asking if other people liberated rubber stamps for the greater good this aol'er mailed me back with this.

Bloody Colonials

Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 00:22:53 -0400
From: LAR2324@aol.com
To: cjg94@ecs.soton.ac.uk
Subject: Re: Stamp Collecting

liberate: to free from bondage or restraint

I have always thought of stampers as helpful, caring people.  If this is
true.  How would you be helpful or caring to anyone if you chose to steal
from the hand that feeds you.  Also how do you feel when you go to you use a
stamp that is now liberated?  Does is remind you that it was stolen?  That
you committed a crime?  I suggest that you might pick up a new hobbie if this
is the case.  I hear underwater basket weaving is making a come back. 
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