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NameEmailLocationComments/Snail Mail Broadlands Road, Southampton, SO14 3AR.
Steve the you can think of.
Sideshow Sideshow Bob but nicer
Jess A. Mangoldjman@selway.umt.eduEarth358 Aber, Missoula, MT 59801
Gregory Gadow gadow@kms.comEarth1816 Boylston Ave #407 Seattle WA 98122 USA
Jon Grunes, better known as Supreme Priest Microwave of the Reformed Church of Death Machine and the Latter Day SaintsImp77@Aol.comEarthNONE
Graham the Happy Scumgths@flat-earth.orgEarthTurn left at the Big Sign that says "GRUDNUK 23"
Jeff X. Minkjmink@ingenue.ingenue.comEarthNONE
Her Serene Disgrace Emma Venituri, 23rd Duchess ov & Killerqueen BitchtrollZ from Hell unLtd.
Markus Drake aka Markus Lang aka A Mass of Holy finnish discordians out there?
Prostheticus Copocabana Geophagous Nya-Nyatimebomb@cmu.eduEarthComments are irrelevant. Find the untruths about Zen Jedi Discordianism at the above page. Email me and find out who you are, who I am, and who everybody else is. Veggitate and be enlightened.
~BlackWing~, priestess of chaos, smuggler of the faulty chao.blakwing@sb.comEarthhello. i am fine, how are you? it's a lovely day today, don't you think? i would like to reserve a one way ticket. first class, or freight? i do not look like a fraggle in the morning. VOTE UNABOMBER!
Reno Eric Zaphod Nevets III Of The Church of the Discount Redemption & Transmission ExchangeRenoNevets@aol.comEarthMay Eris Smile with you, and NOT at You.
Episkopos Skippy the Wonder Gnat, Keeper of the Sacred Nada, Mr. Sensitivity, Emissarry of St. Gulikconnos@rpi.eduEarthJust drive. It won't get you to where I am, but you're bound to end up somewhere interesting.
Sean ThompsonAchilles@smartdoc.netEarthNONE
Darius Kazemi, 23Skidoo - Milker of the Sacred Chao (MSC)kazem@erols.comEarthVisit the home of the Chao-Discord-Generic-Times!
Rev. Jehovahovah of the Enlightened Canteloupe Cabalsmiller@w6bhz.calpoly.eduEarthYesterday I saw my Ford! (fnord!,fnord!,fnord!)
Spaztico BlastoplastTonic523@aol.comEarthI seem to be a verb
Known to the little people as
Known to the little people as I mention that I appear really quite normal ?
Episkopos and POPE Jon (Omar Kayam Ravenhurst III) Roberts of The (Second) First Church of Christ Computer Hail Eris!!... A tree falls in a forest onto the head of a blind man.....did YOU see it coming?
The Ancient and Ancient Council for the Freedom of FNORDS for you to cut and paste into your documents....they have been washed thoroughly before posting here...dont be afraid...FNORD FNORD FNORD FNORD FNORD FNORD FNORD
Kalidasa the IncorrigibleNasrouddine@hotmail.comEarthFlorida State University now has a Discordian cabal. It's called Nu Mu Mu. FIVE TONS OF FLAX!!!
Paradoxyk, Keeper of Denial and Sayer of Too Much Sooth, K.S.C.Parad0xyk@aol.comEarthFollow me here I like the thought of a Goddess trailing behind my thoughts. I promise I won't back over you.