Thee Temple ov thee Lemur - Mission to Mars

The Beginning

Like everyone else we watched the so-called "Mars" Pathfinder with excitement. We tried very hard to be excited about some rocks and dust. And then we forgot all about it.

Several weeks later we received a package from an old friend that none of us had heard from in months (they moved to the States as part of their job). For reasons that will become obvious, we are keeping their name secret.

The package contained this photo and a covering note which read something like "This photo is one of the out-takes. I had to tell someone.", but this may be slightly wrong as the original note got lost.

The photograph showed quite clearly the vehicle which appeared to be on Mars, but some of the photograph was obscured by a HUMAN FINGER! "Conspiracy!", we cried. There was only one thing for us to do. We began plans for our own Mars mission that very day.

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