Thee Temple ov thee Lemur - Mission to Mars

Landing: The Surface of Mars

The lander module is down safely! The automatics have worked and one of the robot arms has successfully planted a Union Jack on Martain soil. Back at the temple the first images are received and the staff go wild.

Instructions are sent to the lander to release "Moose", the Mobile Offworld Observation and Survey Equipment. A camera is extended on an arm to record this history making trundle.

To our surprise (and contrary to what NASA claim) the surface of Mars is not at all dead! The ground is covered in lush red grass and shrubs (we later established that Martian chlorophyll is red). Early scans indicate signs of technology to the East, so we instruct the mobile unit to investigate. First however, MOOSE scans the lander module to check nothing is broken. MOOSE also transmits images from its own camera but the angle is bad, and very little is visible.

MOOSE begins to traverse what appears to be some kind of dumping ground for an advanced civilization. It is tracked by the cameras on the lander module.

Without Warning: Disaster! MOOSE overturns a piece of technokipple and is trapped beneath! After several attemts to right itself it stops transmitting. Technicians attribute this to a damaged antenna.

Several hours later the lander module also stops transmitting, for unknown reasons. It is unclear if it was equipment failure, or something on Mars tampering. Either way, we have proved that NASA have been staging faked landings for some sinister reason. Part of a pact with the Martians? Space funds going to research Other Things? who can say. But rest assured..

Thee Lemur will return to Mars!

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