Thee Temple ov thee Lemur - Mission to Mars


After pouring all our funds into the hardware, we found ourselves strapped for cash to obtain the computers required to perform the millions of calculations required for safe navigation between planets.

We "borrowed" some of NASA's old computers in the hope that we could use these to perform our calculations, but like all the other NASA hardware that we have had the misfortune to inspect, it turned out to be utterly inadequate for the task.

After sweating over these computers for many hours "Sideshow" Al Riddoch opened one of them up to see what processor it used (and if it could be persuaded to run Linux). We were horrified to discover that the innards consisted mostly of parts cannibalised from a 303 synth.

In the end we were force to resort to more traditional, and I might add, more accurate, methods of calculating the influences of the other astronomical bodies.

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