The following questions have been designed by experts to determine your personality type. Some questions are weighted more than others. Please answer all questions and then click on the button at the bottom of the page.

Your Name:

The talented one was:

I would rather kill all:

I think that:

I would rather:

I think that:

I think that people should:

I have more respect for:

I mostly base my life on:

The better website is:

I am most afraid:

When I feel bad it means that I need:

I would rather:

The opposite sex are:

It is more important that clothing is:

I would say that I am:

It is more important to:

I relate more to:

It is more important that music is:

I hate Jazz for:

I prefer:

It is better to live:

Is it better to wear:

The thing that means most to me is:

I want to kill my parents:

I button a shirt: