RCG: How the Magic is Made

Part One: The Storyboard

Rich and Chris meet every morning to discuss the idea for the strip and agree who will draw and who will ink that day. This is usually decided by 'old enoch' - a reliable 20p which gives a near perfect 50/50 head:tail ratio.

Rich prepares a storyboard

The storyboard is important as it is important to agree on the basics of the days strip before they spend the effort drawing and inking.

a finished storyboard

Part Two: Finishing

Once both Rich and Chris are happy with the draft, it is lined and shaded.

lined and shaded strip

The imporant task of adding the colour comes next.

Chris adds colour to a picture

Once the colour has been added to the strip it is scanned and uploaded to totl.net. At midnight a script automagically links it in.

the finished strip

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