STI Project
What do SETI think?  

We have had several responses from the SETI institute. To be frank, they scare me.

To the gurus who put together the STI site --
    We at SETI Institute have had a wonderful few days surfing through
your hilarious, especially to us, website!  Great job!  We are impressed.
We wonder how you find the time to put all this stuff together.  You
should sell it!

    Frank Drake
    President, SETI Institute
    Distant relative of famous pirate - er, mariner - from Southampton
  -- yay, they might not sue us!
Hey, you guys are GOOD!

If you don't mind, we're going to steal some of your ideas...

Anyway, STI seems to prove that there's intelligence in the UK.  The
situation in California is less clear...

Seth Shostak
SETI Institute
  -- (I don't think listening for aliens is crazy -- but stealing our ideas is nuts.)

Jodi refuses to talk to anyone until they stop looking at silly websites.