How to spot...


cyberpunk: 1. A citizen of cyberspace. 2. A citizen of cyberspace who wears mirrorshades indoors, at night.

Clothes: Often black. Often tight. Often leather. Very practical with many pockets. Boots. MIRRORSHADES.

Hair: Blue for preference, but otherwise just weird. (Mmmm... Blue hair).

Attitude: Lots.

Music: Industrial. (Imagine a serious accident in a car factory - it's really cool, no, really, it is.). NOT Billy Idol, ever, even a little bit.

Film & TV: Bladerunner, Terminator. Wierd-stuff-you've-never-heard-of.

Habbitat: Dark places which look kinda post-apocolyptic. Multi-story carparks. Anywhere which isn't a field. Or nice.

Dance style: Yes. Oh, what type? Techno-headbang-type-thing.

Taste in men/women: Riot Grrls, Other CPunks.

Food & Drink: Stunt foods & Intimidating soft drinks. Jolt (extra caffine coke), Lucozzade or Virgin NRG (say it "Nerg", NOT En-er-gy.). Coffee, lots of coffee.

Habbits: Abrv Wds. Trying to look cool. Walking slowly so as not to walk into things (well you try wearing mirrorshades at night sometime). Doing "cool" things with computers.

Accessories: Ah, yes. MIRRORSHADES, stuff with black & yellow stripes, fake id, laser-pointers and other cool-electronic-stuff, zips, piercings and stuff, attitude.

Often says: "You can't grep dead trees", "Neeed caaaffiiine.", "Information wants to be free!", "that was lame.".

Never says: the word "cyberpunk", "Billy Idol is rad", "Progress just isn't worth it."