How to spot...


Clothes: Tailored.

Hair: Styled.

Attitude: Pushy, arrogant, self-centered, ambitious, dogmatic, pedantic, pretentious, verbose. (In short, yes).

Music: Cheesy classical compilations.

Film & TV: BBC 2, After 9pm. Channel 4 movies.

Habbitat: Students Union, Bars.

Taste in men/women: Anything except another hack. (Pillow talk tends to lose you the element of surprise)

Dance Style: Ballroom Dancing Society.

Food & Drink: Anything from Gordons.

Habbits: Smoking bizarre cigs. Joining committees, being on committees, creating committees, going to other committees. Committed to committees. Sometimes merely committed.

Accessories: Filofax, mobile phone,

Often says: "We'll have to create a committee...", "Is it in the constitution?", "It's against the constitution.", "You'll need X's signature for that, and X is on holiday.", "Why's my budget been cut, again?", "How much can we get away with spending?", "It's not my fault.", "I'm resigning to spend more time with my degree."

Never says: "I take full responsibility", "You were right, I was wrong.", "I'll do it right now." (and then actually does).