How to spot...


Clothes: Tye-die, baggy. Patchwork dungarees. Ethnic.

Hair: Unkempt (semi-cool).

Attitude: I'm not sure 'til I check todays horrorscope.

Music: New age. Whale Noises. Drums (not too agressive, though).

Film & TV: TV is bad for you. Man.

Habbitat: Hippy-Shit-Shops, fields, the Monday market, California.

Dance style: Silly.

Taste in men/women: Misguided.

Food & Drink: Vegan (or at least nothing with a face). Herbal Tea. (by the way if vegeterians eat vegetables you should watch out for those humanitarians).

Habbits: Dope. (Can't spell Maruj.. Marooo.. Maryou.. y'know.)

Accessories: Crystals, Herbal products, joss sticks, candles, load's more bloody crystals.

Often says: "Wow. Man.", "I really grok what you're saying.", "Feel the energy in this crystal", "I'll roll this one," "Lets share..," "Group hugs everyone!"

Never says: "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.", "Drugs are for losers!", "A small, blood sacrifice will be required..."