How to spot...


Clothes: NIN (Nine Inch Nails) t-shirt, combat trousers, another NIN t-shirt, army boots, one (or more) long sleeved NIN t-shirt around the waist.

Hair: Dreadlocks with an undercut.

Attitude: Yes.

Music: NIN, Ministry, NIN, Front 242, NIN, Front Line Assembly.

Film & TV: yeah, right.

Habbitat: Industrial Clubs.

Food & Drink: Insufficient Data (Ninchettes?)

Habbits: Going to industrial clubs. Nurturing dreadlocks. Pushing onto dancefloors. Hitting each other.

Dance style: STOMP, headbang, STOMP, headbang... Repeat, trying to hit someone with your dreads/elbows.

Taste in women: Ninchettes. Ninchettes are usually quite short, wear black halter tops, fishnets (on arms and/or legs or anywhere), black-but-not-goth stuff, NIN t-shirts, piercings, often look about 15.

Accessories: NIN T-Shirts, Nose rings.

Often says: "Uh", "NineInchNailsMinistry", "WhereYouGetTShirt?" (to someone who's got one they havn't), "I'm not a bloody nincher."

Never says: "What does NIN stand for, anyway", "No, after you."