How to spot...


Clothes: Tight, black. Fishnets, velvet, PVC, Leather gear. Denim.

Hair: Long, Crimped, dyed interesting shades of blonde. Generally abused.

Attitude: Nil.

Music: Rock.

Film & TV: Waynes World. Bill and Ted. Anything else with Keanu Reeves.

Habbitat: Rock clubs, rock bars, near really-ugly-metallers that you can't understand why they're with.

Food & Drink: Anything brought for them.

Habbits: Getting off with metallers. Being letched at. Being criticised for wearing too little (by women) or too much (by men).

Dance Style: Unflattering.

Taste in men: Not much, but basically metallers or bikers.

Accessories: Metallers, Leather Jackets, Axl Roses' signature/child.

Often says: "Did you go to Donnington?", "Is that real?", "Yes"

Never says: "It's too short", "That's too tight", "Leather jeans look stoopid."