How to spot...


Clothes: Really bad. (Sometimes a wizard or goblin costume)

Hair: Sometimes. Unexciting.

Attitude: Roleplay is life. Life is roleplay. How could it be otherwise?

Music: While roleplaying, maybe.

Film & TV: Babylon 5, Star Trek, Alien, Aliens, Conan, Swamp Thing. We're talking Science Fiction and fantasy here.

Habbitat: University Games Club. Comic shops, or any where there's a dice.

Taste in women: If possible. Roleplayers with girlfriends usually stop roleplaying.

Dance Style: If drunk, badly.

Food & Drink: Snacks. Crisps, chocolate, coke. Anything with little or no preperation time.

Habbits: Roleplaying. Making bad jokes about roleplaying. Reading roleplay rulebooks. Designing newer, better and even more complicated games.

Accessories: D4, D6, D10, D20 (4, 6, 10 and 20 sided dice), roleplay books. Sometimes silly latex swords.

Often says: Far too much about roleplay... "so we went into the swamp to try and find some alligator claws and we forgot about the were-alligators, but I used my flare gun on one and rolled an 11 on two-dee-six and hit it in the mouth, it was really cool, because a flare only does D6 damage but I rolled a six and..." ad naseum.