How to spot...


Clothes: Slightly in need of laundering. Uninteresting. Often computer game t-shirts.

Hair: Uninspired. Needs washing more often.

Attitude: Enthusiastic yet very, very dull.

Music: Sound-Tracker Modules, bad rock.

Film & TV: Yup, all the time. The Simpsons for preference.

Habbitat: Online. Computer lab. Bed. Bed in Computer Lab. Coffee Bar. Monochrome (Online).

Dance style: None (No style).

Food & Drink: Cretin Food (Pot Poodles, McDodgys, Super Poodles, Stuff-from-the-Vending-Machine). Coke, Coffee, Caffine. Coffee bar.

Habbits: Spodding (using computers - too much), being uncharismatic, talking about computers all the ^&*( time.

Taste in women: Er, isn't an issue. Rarely, other spods.

Accessories: 2 email accounts, staff privs on mono and.. Oh, IRL? Computers, keyboards, modems. (IRL is spodtalk for In-Real-Life)

Often says: "URL", "BRB", "HTML", "IRL", "ROTFL", "WYSIWYG", "TLA", "Mono's down", "C", "doh", "Doh!", "DOH!!!!", "Who killed Mr Burns?", "F*(&^ Microsoft".

Never says: Anything interesting, really.