How to spot...


Clothes: Tit-Slogan-t-shirts, blue jeans, short skirts - REALLY short.

Hair: Short, bunchies, Whigfield.

Attitude: Giggley, bubbley and lots of other things ending in "ley".

Music: Bad.

Film & TV: Dunno, always left before breakfast.

Habbitat: Wherever two or three really stoopid people are gathered together, a tit-slogan-townie will be there among them.

Dance Style: Two steps forward, two steps back, repeat. Swing knees side to side, maybe.

Taste in men: Not fussy. At all.

Food & Drink: Food - dunno (see film & tv). Drink - too much.

Habbits: Drinking too much, snogging, being in the way.

Accessories: Really drunk men, those-stoopid-backpack-handbag-type-things.

Often says: "heheheh, dunno."

Never says: "It must be something to do with the transubstantiation of psudo-cosmic anti-matter.", "no."