IT IS A JOKE! please stop!

There is a real potato powered webserver (allegedly!) at

Spud Server Temple ov thee Lemur

Welcome to the homepage of what we believe to be the world's first vegetable powered web server. Working on the same principle as the, now legendary, potato powered digital clock, spudserver is a stripped down low power consumption PC.

Due to memory limitations and the desire to minimise load, spudserver currently only serves a couple of pages. We may improve this in time.

To demonstrate that it was working live we made one of the pages display the current system time. Unfortunately the battery backed clock mechanism on the motherboard turned out to be f)&*ed broken. Hence the system time is reset to 1st Jan 1970 everytime the system reboots (which is quite frequent).

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International Slow News Week
(aka SpudServer in the Media)

May 22 11:00 GMT

Well, we got slashdotted (again). This ISP seems to be holding up but the spud server just couldn't cope. [update -- it's all working fine now]

May 23 14:10 GMT

We've been featured on The BBC Science & Technology News, neat!

Also there is an article on Ananova, I was only joking about the hamsters guys!

May 24 11:09 GMT

We are the Monkey Bite on

There is a small article on Page 3D of USA Today

General Frequently Asked Questions. Most common questions are below.

Why Bother?
Someone bet us we couldn't (in your face Joel). And we wanted to do something as a follow up to Project Eunuch.
Are there any pictures of SpudServer?
Yes, in the gallery, along with a brief explanation of the components. Also there is a scan of the design document available.
How often do you replace the potatos?
One of us (usually) changes them every couple of days.
How many spuds does it take to power the machine?
Well, once you remove the fans and the floppy and hard disk drives, a PC doesn't require much power at all. We've found that on average a dozen spuds work fine. In testing, we got it running for an hour on three, but this was probably a fluke.
What OS does spudserver run?
A stripped version of the Linux Kernel, blown onto a ROM, along with the server code and webpages (typos and all).
Do you have plans to build spudserver II?
Maybe, but not soon. This was a very time consuming project. Fortunately, we managed to beg, borrow or steal most of the parts - a more robust solution would be quite expensive.
So, what else have you crazy kids done?
Thank you for asking. We run, full of neat stuff to distract you from what it is you should be doing now.

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