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Logo Magnet Moved server the potatoes was trot

Sixth, 26 of May of 2000, 19h10min
In the Web, rumors run fast as hamsters. when is born if esparrama for the soil? it left yesterday of being child phrase when the biggest sites of information in the technology area and science had fallen in a history that can seem lendária, but very were well based. The moved server the potatoes was as hoax (rumor) espelhado by the organization of would boataria Temple of the Three Lemur (Temple of the Three Lêmures), a site of sap engraçadíssimo that it makes periodic announcements of inexistent products.

The funniest in the case of the moved server potatoes are that everybody fell. The Slashdot, the most important site for the community open-source, was the first one to give the notice. The site also was the first one to give to a retraction praising the Temple for one hoax constructed so well. The North American ZDNet did not remove the notice until the afternoon of day 26 of May, making of account that nothing happened. Ananova was the biggest reason of joke in the Temple. The virtual presenter not only propagated the notice as she spread that the fatídica machine would have rodinhas. Rodinhas would be moved by hamsters in running. Ananova affirmed that the?cientistas? they would have said that the only impediment was the problem of the?crueldade with the bichinhos.

The Lêmures is laughing high at all this confusion. we only?Estávamos playing with the history of hamsters, Ananova, they had published in the site. The BBC removed the notice without giving more explanations. The competent English organization gave?científicos details? of the functioning of the server. Another English periodical, the The Register, was the first one to unmask the rumor.

The Magnet engoliu history as all the other vehicles. Now that the truth appeared, has to admire the device of the Lêmures that made with that we published that?Os vegetables can be used as battery therefore its?carne? she is well thick. Brincadeiras to the part, we will investigate more the potatoes that to appear as notice of now in ahead. We also ask for excuses to our partners of content that had propagated the notice.

The Lêmures already hoax had spread one widely accepted before. Eunuco? it would teach to make overclocking in a server with frozen beer. A research in the site of the Lêmures indicates who fell in the notice of potatoes. Journalists of the media online are in third place as?os crédulos.

He sees the notice:



German ZDNet

Slashdot & mode=thread


The site of the Temple of the Three Lêmures .

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