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The British invent potato-claimant Web server

The strength from the tuber

Twelve fruits operate the computer, which nevertheless serves two Internet pages

A group of British Tueftler, which call themselves " Temple ov Thee Lemur " (TotL), has one potato-claimant Web server invented, with which one can surfen by Internet. As the BBC reported on Tuesday, two Internet pages in the World Wide Web could be operated - several days long without power supply plugs only by twelve potatoes.

Shrunk to profitable size computer

The computer fans took in addition a computer version with low current consumption (Intel 386 chip) and removal everything up to the central computing chip. As fixed disk another chip served, on which only the software was stored for the operation Servers. A quite rough, although for some informative " Design study " gives it likewise, like a Fotogallerie of the bio computer.

The server is not high available

A specification offers TotL on the leading videotex page of the " Spud server " . The Site cared for by the potato computer can be attained under the address more or less reliably. The machine from time to time, also that does not only precipitate access to the server had to be limited.

Power station in the potato

Potatoes are well-known as a potenzieller current supplier, because the salty inside of the tuber possesses particularly good electrolytic characteristics - similarly as the acid in a car battery.

Into a potato put electrodes from zinc and copper cause an electro-chemical reaction, which causes again a current flow. In this way had succeeded in the past already operating a digital clock.

With " E.U.N.U.C.H. " a quantity fun

The group of " Temple ov Thee Lemur " made attentive already in the past with such projects on itself. Thus they did not plan quite seriously the cooling problems of high-clocked computers. The result of the project " E.U.N.U.C.H " (The of extremes Use OF Nearly universal Cooling hardware) was an exhaust and a freezing drawer combination, owing to those the TotL members not only the performance calculation of the almost toothfold could, but also success equal with cool beverages begiessen could. Like also the potato Web server was " E.U.N.U.C.H. " in the long run a little stably (ground)

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