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Wednesday May 24 2000, 23h00

A computer which carburizes with... potatoes

British handymen have just brought into service the first Web server which draws its energy from potatoes! A dozen tubers connected in series provide energy necessary to supply a simplified computer, not very greedy in electricity. It presents to the public a small Web site of two pages, briefly explaining technology used. It is about the most recent exploit as regards servers minimalists, extremely popular in certain data-processing mediums.

To force potatoes to produce electricity, one introduced there electrodes of zinc and copper. The flesh of vegetable, slightly salted and acid, acts like an electrolyte (a little like the acid a battery) and is enough to cause an electrolytic reaction. Each tuber produces approximately 15 milliamperes of current, with a tension of 0,8 volt. The output decreases after 15 hours and one needs new potatoes the every day ( Cybersciences )

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Greeting World France Room Éco Multi-media Culture People Sport Sciences Health

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