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25 May 2000

The potatoes new motor of Internet

immagine Who has said that the performances of the computer science machines must chase the top? A group of English young people, re-united under the thee nom de guerre of ' Temple ov Lemur', is successful to connect an old PC to 12 potatoes, creating a situated Web only fed from the elettrolitiche property of the vegetables. E' the riscoperta of " less ": and in fact while the processori are by now on the threshold of the GHz, a society throws again old Commodore 64 for navigation in Internet.

Internet to potatoes : from the Handle the news of singular the situated Web. [ Virgilio News ]
The " spud serveur " and its operation : from situated the presentation of the experiment and the images of the fed serveur to potatoes. (in English) [ ]
Ne speaks also Ananova : the echo of the experiment has arrived also on the situated one of the more famous virtual presentatrice of the Network. (in English) [ ]
After the vegetables, the Commodore : from Webcomputers the return in great style of old Commodore 64 like instrument of Internet navigation. (in English) [ ]
While here the GHz : on Point-computer science the other face of the computer science performances record of the new processori Pentium III is introduced with the power. [ ]
But if the computer were alive? : from the situated Physicsc.Gatech the search that aimed to create one machine working with alive cells and nervous endings. (in English) [ ]

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The potatoes new motor of Internet

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