Spud server was just a sham

Remember the story about the spud server -- the Web-serving computer powered by potatoes in England? Turns out it was half-baked.

Yep, it was a hoax -- one that came complete with photographic evidence, scientific explanations and a good story about how it started over beers. At least that's what hoaxer Steve Harris now claims. The one consolation: Many others also fell for it, including the venerable BBC. Harris says he has seen the story ''everywhere.''

He explained via e-mail Monday that the whole thing started as a joke that regular readers of his geek-minded site, Temple ov Thee Lemur, would have understood. But ''once it started to get into the media, we couldn't resist claiming it was real (sorry!). Every time we did another interview, we kept thinking, 'This will be the last one.' . . . But it kind of snowballed.''

So, dear readers, I apologize as I wipe the tater pulp from my face. Interestingly, Harris says he has heard that a spud server is possible. But next time, I'll wait to see it before I believe it.