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AnanovaPotatoes powers web site

Computer techies are running a web site from a potato-powered computer.

Digital toy clocks have been powered by a spuds for years but the internet site is thought to be the most advanced experiment yet.

The UK-based "Temple ov thee Lemur" web site set up a low power server which displays just three pages - each of them about the project.

Old computers were ripped apart to build a less power-hungry computer capable of running off 12 potatoes - each one generates about half a volt.

The machine has to limit the number of people that can view it so it isn't overwhelmed and the veggies are changed every few days.

Steve Harris, one of the team behind the project, told Ananova: "We have no idea if potatoes are the most powerful vegetables, they just look good. Lemons do work much better however.

"We considered using hamster wheels but we think that would probably be cruel to hamsters.

"They are probably unreliable too - you would need loads of hamsters to make sure you always had power."

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