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Spud Server (explanatory site)

Temple OV thee Lemur Spud Server

A computer which carburizes with... potatoes

Plunge two electrodes in a potato and you will obtain l?electricity. How much? Enough to supply a simplified Web server. An original bet held and won by English handymen.

Great Britain

24/05/2000 - Have British handymen just brought into service the first Web server which draws its energy? potatoes! A dozen tubers connected in series provide l?énergie necessary to supply a simplified computer, not very greedy in electricity. It presents to the public a small Web site of two pages, briefly explaining technology used. It s?agit of the most recent exploit as regards servers minimalists, extremely popular in certain data-processing mediums.

To force potatoes to produce l?electricity, one introduced there electrodes of zinc and copper. The flesh of vegetable, slightly salted and acid, acts like an electrolyte (a little like l?acide d?une battery) and is enough to cause an electrolytic reaction. Each tuber produces approximately 15 milliamperes of current, with a tension of 0,8 volt. The output decreases after 15 hours and one needs new potatoes tous.les.jours.

L?ordinator himself was assembled starting from different components recovered here and there. The processor is one 386 d?Intel with low fuel consumption d?énergie. It n?y does not have a hard disk or diskette drives, which require too d?énergie. The site is rather stored on a chip of read-only memory d?un capacity of 2 Mo. Another similar chip contains the system d?operation of the machine, a simplified version with l?extrême of version 1 of Linux.

To be useful itself of potatoes to supply a computer in electricity n?est not a solution with the crisis of l?énergie, nor with the environmental problems. The worn potatoes contain a quantity of zinc and copper undoubtedly sufficient to make them unsuitable to consumption. Their hiding on a large scale would also pose problems of contamination of the ground. To note, to conclude, that l?idée of this server, named Temple OV thee Lemur, was born in a pub at the time d?une well sprinkled evening!

Philippe Gauthier

Last modification: 24/05/2000

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