Friday May 26
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And here l?ordinator with potatos
  by Yaroslav Pigenet
put on line on May 26 2000
Internet does not turn qu?à blow of million. A group of jokers techno has just developed the first server which carburizes with potato.

Le serveur  patates
It is not a history of Belgian chips but of potatoes English. British handymen have just launched the first prototype of Web server supplied with potatoes. The idea of this clever pantalonnade came to the jokers technos from the site Temple OV thee Lemur to the continuation d?un challenge launched by l?un their admirateurs. This nostalgic of the watches with potatos (the funny ones of watches functioning thanks to a potato fixed on the wrist) which had prevailed at the beginning of the Eighties their required to make the same thing with a computer. An old PC and 12 potatos to take up the challenge, they used potatoes like natural batteries. By planting an electrode in the flesh of potato and another outwards, one generates a difference in tension electric between the 2 electrodes: one thus lays out d?une genuine small battery d?environ 1 volt. It is then enough to connect several potatos in series to obtain a tension usable. For did their server, the " lemurs " use 12 of them? Then, they dismounted an old PC to extract from it a processor INTEL 386 with low fuel consumption qu?ils connected to a card network and a bar of 2 Mo of read-write memory. The whole being fed by the battery with 12 potatos and being connected to Internet thanks to the card network. They are the peasants who will be content? This server lodges two Web pages: one can s?y connect to l?adress / . But n?en do not misuse, with 12 potatos, it still misses fishing?

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