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Save the Tatooine Womp Rat Campaign

  Boba Fett
How did you get involved?

Some people think that being a Bounty Hunter is somehow mutually exclusive with trying to protect the environment. I, however, don't think so.

I was first alerted to the Womp Rat situation by an old friend, himself also a keen Animal Rights Activist. Jabba is in fact almost single handedly responsible for the survival of the Womp Rat. His sanctuary cares for up to 35 at any time many of which have suffered horrible injuries from T-16 blasters which don't usually kill the rats but wound them so badly that they eventually starve or are killed by predators.

Jabba on the Beach
I took this photo of Jabba on our holiday to Nk'nar-on-Sea. It's pretty out of date.

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