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The famous Incom T-16 was what many teenagers across the galaxy wanted to have in their garage. The T-16 was a big success for the Incom corporation, since many young adults own them as pleasure craft. Luke Skywalker owned a T-16, and used it for racing his friends through Beggar's Canyon and for "bullseyeing" womprat burrows with the Skyhopper's stun cannon. Although almost got himself killed more than once while flying the T-16 through Beggar's Canyon, the skills he learned from racing through the narrow canyon were very useful when he later maneuvered his X-Wing through the trench on the first Death Star. The Skyhopper was designed to be fast, but also easy to handle. It is powered by a single E-16/x ion engine for propulsion, and two DCJ-45 repulsorlift engines for lift. The ship can travel almost 1,200 kilometers per hour, and is capable of flying 300 kilometers in the air. The triwing design, along with a gyro-stabilizer, provides stability during complex maneuvers. The ship is very maneuverable, capable of various twists and turns and vertical climbs. Obviously, civilians do not mount weapons on their T-16s, but upgrades are available that offer four forward-firing stun cannons, a cheaper package which uses the top two stun cannons as targeting lasers. Some T-16s have heavier armor plating and military-grade weapons for use in police force units. They are also used in some military training facilities. The cockpit is simple, with room for two; a pilot and a passenger. The pilot's view is split by the vertical stabilizer, but the holographic heads-up display can be used for flight if the pilot finds the view unsatisfactory.

T16 Skyhopper

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