Why does totl.net take so damn long to get updated?

Basically, we're all busy and have (what we laughingly call) lives outside totl.

Steve is writing some plugins for LADSPA, the Linux Audio Developers Simple Plugin Architecture. He also has the band Sapah. His ringtone is fairly sensible.

Chris is working on a big free software archive tool called eprints.org which seems to keep him happy. He also is supposed to be in a band called called six foot underground with Naomi, but they've been lazy lately. Chris can't decide if his greatest claim to fame is writing the Coffee Stain Filter for the GIMP or winning the Obfuscated Perl Contest. His ringtone was supposed to be the sound of a BBC Micro tape drive but sounds more like a Screaming Mandy from Llamatron.

Pig Animation

Al is working on Worldforge as the coordinator of Acorn a massively-multiplayer on line game in which you can currently... Raise Pigs! Al used to co-ordinate ELKS - a mini version of Linux for 8086 machines. He also occasionally make music of the beat one bit of metal against another variety. Al's ringtone is "ringing" - sensible in other words.

Marvin is working on a script for a movie called "30 Candles" which he is hoping to get John Hughes to direct and Molly Ringwald to star in. He tells us it will be "Bridget Jones Diary meets The Breakfast Club". We've tried to stop him. His ring tone is the Nokia Tune, slightly off key.

Naomi is writing up her MSc thesis on novel immunohistochemical markers in mesothelioma diagnosis but still finds time for diagnostic pathology. She is the other member of six foot underground. Her ringtone is the theme from Bubble Bobble.

Rich has got into a game called IceHouse and has produced some stuff for it. He loves Cheapass Games who make games like Devil Bunny Needs a Ham . Richs turn-ons include videogames, beer and over complicated card games, his turn-offs are literature, people who can't remember it's only a game (Chris?) and tidying his lounge. Rich has a, er, band called "Worst Case Scenario" whos hits include "Podflaps" and the classic "Flip You Melon Farmer". His ringtone is the theme from Neon-Genesis Evangelion.

Dr. Nick dosn't get out of bed in daylight hours anymore. When he does maybe he works on his PhD. Nick is the maintainer of useful bits of software like Gnome KISS. He also wrote the TIF load/save plugin for GIMP. His ringtone sounds like a wounded womprat.

Nick G. does something kind of clever thing involving "Advanced Knowledge Technologies" (www.aktors.org), although we don't have a clue what that means. He's also attempting to finish writing his PhD thesis on query routing and multiagent systems (just say no!). I can't remember what his ringtone sounds like.

so that's it, we do other staff not listed here for legal reasons (or maybe it's just very dull). But we're still up to stuff.

totl.net will return with "Don't Cross the Memes!", but don't hold your breath....

Thu Jul 12 14:28:19 BST 2001