Cooler than Thou

We've all been there before. You've found this great new website, an excellent restaurant or a cool book and you can't believe how good it is. You tell your friends, and they agree that it is the coolest thing since sliced bread. However, before long they've all told their friends, who in turn have told their friends and now the site has been slashdotted so badly your connection times out, you have to book three months in advance for the restaurant and the Readers Digest publishes a condensed version of the book. In short, it isn't cool at all any more.

If coolness decreases as popularity increases, it takes a sharp-minded person to spot cool before it gets trampled by the masses. Are you that sharp-minded person?

Why not bet eD10 and try to find the coolest site - if you succeed, we'll pay off at 5:1! You'll need a TotL vCash account to play.

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