Cult ov thee Week


Cans short of a six pack
4 cans short
4 cans short
Sex Dunno how much they're getting, but nudie pictures on the background of the homepage! Plus sooo many pictures of Miss F. Fawcett (check it out)
Violence They seem nice enough.
Drugs They don't mention drugs, but you don't come up with ideas like this drinking lemonade.
Media and Music Plenty of bad poetry [There's good poetry? - ed] and plenty of stuff about banjos
Most Obsessive Bit Replacing the bible with playing cards.
Most Whacky Bit 52 Weeks in the year, 52 cards in a deck. Banjotime assigns a card to every week of the year! What about jokers? What about the little card with the rules of bridge on?
Overall Rating
3 flying saucers
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