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Cans short of a six pack
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1 can short
Worship Misc. Discordian stuff.
Comment In typical Discordian style these guys have taken a joke from the 70's and perpetuated it, not that we can criticize, I mean we had a cabal back in '95, but we got better.

This lot suffer from the the classic Discordian failing of mindlessly parroting tired catch phrases, while clearly understanding none of the philosophy of the creators of Discordianism.

This seems to exemplify the dichotomy between The Church of Subgenius (who advocate Slack in its purest form) and Discordians, who are supposed to be Turkey Cursing and what have you. How come Subgenii, manage to get off their asses and actually do something, but Discordians, just sit around writing fucking bad HTML, and masturbating - both intellectually and biologically.

I mean, for fucks sake they're even using a geocities page. Sort it out.

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