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Cans short of a six pack
5 cans short
5 cans short
Cube? Um yeah. This guy is obsessed with Cubes and the number 4, no-one seem to have pointed out that cubes have nothing to do with the number 4; 6 sides, 8 points and 8 12 edges... oh well.
Correction D'oh! Thanks to Paddy Woodburn for pointing out that, infact cubes have 12 edges, not 8. I R Stupid.
Quote 1 Not a single university has accepted my challenge for a public debate of Nature's Time Cube. They are actually brainwashed stupid and decline any public debate for fear of public embarrassment. Physicists forbidden to acknowledge Time Cube. Stupid educators always beget stupid graduates. Not one knows of their 4-corner metamorphosis.
Quote 2 You are a personified pyramid corner. Educated people are the evil empower- ment of the self - the lowest form of humanity. Humans are brainwashed stupid and indoctrinated evil. A human will rotate around 4-corner lifetime stages within a family metamorphosis - baby, child, parent and grandparent. Name your 4/16 greatgrandparents.
Quote 3 You are probably brainwashed, indoctrinated, educated stupid and cannot comprehend Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4-Day Perpetual Time Cube Creation.
Quotes Nice examples of cultly quotes, ranty, bad english, don't make any real sense, yet it easy to envision them being sputed by a foaming-at-the-mouth fanatic. Ahhh, great stuff, warms the cockles of my heart.
Web Site Shoddy images, large multicoloured text, impossible to spot links, yes, it's a cult classic!
Insult All good cults have an insult for non-members. In this case, it's "1-corner", e.g. "Your 1-corner god is a fraud!". Neat!
Comment Overall, a really good cult. They have some nonsensical rantings, use the word brainwashing out of context, have fundamentally flawed assumptions, etc. The only thing preventing them from receiving the full 6 saucers is the lack of world domination effort; they seem more compelled to stand on the sidelines telling other people they are stupid. Damn you and your 1-corner website!
Update The site has been upgraded, and now includes a bunch of threats against "cubeless educators", it rambles on until it finaly demands the extermination of all Evil Cubless Educators, so, in response we've been forced to up this guys score to the maximal 6 saucers. Thanks to 'Adam' for the update.
Suggested By John Copleston
Overall Rating
6 flying saucers
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