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Quote "...all that you may wish to know about the raelian phenomenon, including the progress of the Embassy which we are building for Extra-terrestrials." Yessss.....
Web Site Well, they have the "font problem", but it is in general a nicely designed, multi-lingual site which they use to peddle their book "The True Face of God", which is - you guessed it - a grey (sorry, that should be Elohim). Hum. Bloody UFOs.
Elohim, eh? Yup, they're your classic big slanty-eyed aliens with a faint glow about them, or something:

"We came from another solar sytem and created all life on earth scientifically, including man in our image....You mistook us for gods...

We loved you as our own children and sent you wisdom through the Prophets...You distorted our teaching and used it to fight...

Now that you can understand who we are, we would like to establish contact at an official embassy."

That kind of thing. On 13 December 1973, French journalist Rael was apparently contacted by a visitor from another planet and asked to establish an Embassy to welcome these people back to Earth.

Comment As far as I can tell, they seem like harmless hippies. They don't seem to be advocating blowing anything up, and they aren't particularly anti-anything, but they are pretty wacked, so a rating of 4 overall.
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