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Quote People will say that you are brainwashed. You have to gently massage them with the facts. They will say it is brainwashing, and that's exactly what it is. They need to invest in a new shampoo called 'brain shampoo', and that shampoo washes out the junk that's in your brain.
Web Site Um, well, the colours are nasty, and there's something fishy going on with the tables, plenty of bold text! and wacky colours. All in all, not too bad, definite edge of fanaticism there.
What is their schtick? I don't really know. They keep trying to take Christianity back to its roots. They've figured out that the Christian creation myth, etc, was cribbed from the Sumerian ones (common knowledge in secular circles), and they seem to think that the Torah was taken from the Gilgamesh epics and some other stuff. Can't see that one myself.
Scrolls They have some `scrolls' you can buy (they're tracts as far as I can tell). Most sound like standard fodder, but there are a few interesting sounding ones: "if jesus returns then what", "could jesus transform himself", "what is god's language" and other important philosophical questions. Hmmm...
Comment Smacks of evangelical Christianity, but it's even more formless and undirected. Insanity of 4 (I can't work out what the hell they're going on about), overall 4 (lots of cool pointless ranting but no real world domination effort I'm afraid).
Suggested By Danny Dolan
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4 flying saucers
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