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Quote If you will not REPENT, then you will PERISH! That was the message preached by Yahchanan (John) the Immerser, by Yahshua Messiah, and by His Disciples - and that is the message and the mission of the House of Yahweh today!
Web Site Tasteless. Lots of blue and red (ugh), stuff stuck all over the place, badly framed images etc. Bonus points for having an audio pronunciation guide though! Plus they managed to get the domain, I mean, surely the most sort after cult domain ever.
Press The House of Yahweh have a pretty bad press, said "This group has not resulted in a loss of life. However, it appears to be a high risk doomsday group, with the potential of developing into a destructive cult, posing an extreme danger to its members". Cooooool. The rantings on their site certainly give them a "danger to self and others" slant.
Religious books? This is a classic bible-thumping mob, as far as I can tell. They don't even have their own specially-edited version, they just take bits a little too literally, and seem keen on helping along the bits which speak of the death of non-believers.
Comment This is a real classic. Bits of the site indicate that they actually have a working knowledge of gematria, but seem to have got the wrong end of the stick. Some ranting about tetragrammaton, also seems to be missing the point, but hell, it's in BLOCK CAPITALS and bold, so its gotta be true. Mmmmmm... culty goodness.
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