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4 cans short
Quote Andrew Cohen is not just a spiritual teacher - he is an inspiring phenomenon. Since his awakening in 1986 he has only lived, breathed and spoken of one thing: the potential of total liberation from the bondage of ignorance, superstition and selfishness. Powerless to limit his unceasing investigation, he has looked at the "jewel of enlightenment" from every angle, and given birth to a spiritual teaching that is vast and subtle, yet incomparably direct and revolutionary in its impact.
Web Site Overdesigned, very graphics heavy (actually there is hardly any real text), but fast nonetheless.
What? Seems to be a site devoted the worship of one Andrew Cohen. Never 'eard of 'im. Also has a lot of bumpfh about "The International Fellowship for the Realization of Impersonal Enlightenment", catchy. They have several retreats and worldwide centres, and more meaningless buzzwords than I can count.
Comment The guy appears to be a self-obsessed tosser, not to put it too lightly. Not however, dangerous or interesting, but as he appears to be a complete loon, I've given him a 3 overall.
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3 flying saucers
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