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Cans short of a six pack
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4 cans short
Quote Begin to glimpse the importance of this existence. One step at a time. It is one thing to live this life, and it a whole other thing to accept this life.
Web Site Officious and over-designed. They actually insist that you agree to a click-through licence agreement before you can view the site! That even beats the 'tologists.
What? Premies, y'know, Maharaji, bald, asian, sitting, that kind of thing.
Licence Well, any cult with a bloody licence agreement on their website has to be a bit good. I mean, I'd probably be breaking it now if they were legally enforcable, and/or half the things in it were. For further amusement, they seem to have nicked someone's software licence, but I dunno, I think offering spiritual guidance with a 'PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF ANY KIND INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF ACCURACY, COMPLETENESS, MERCHANTABILITY, NONINFRINGEMENT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE' clause is a pretty neat idea, covers lots of bases. I'd love to see it in court.
Premie recovery organisation They have an organisation to help you recover from membership, which is pretty neat:
Comment 5 overall. They have lots of followers and I'm deeply impressed by the licence (in case you hadn't guessed), but they're not really wacky enough for a 6. They would need UFOs, lizards from the 7th dimension, etc, for that. Not bad though.
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5 flying saucers
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