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The Blue Army of Our Lady Fatima, U.S.A., Inc.

Cans short of a six pack
4 cans short
4 cans short
Quote Now, more than fifty years after its founding, The Blue Army looks out on a world that has yet to respond adequately to our Lady's requests. At Fatima Our Blessed Lady foretold that God would punish the world for its offenses against Him by wars, hunger, the spread of Communism, persecution of the Church, even the annihilation of various nations.
Web Site Really, really bad. Buggy javascript, navigation via no less than 5 java applets, and not realising that you can't embed ASP commands in an HTML page. Ahhhh... brings a nice warm glow to the heart.
Buggy javascript? How buggy? Really buggy. This site sets a new standard for bugginess. It's not merely spewing-errors-into-the-void buggy, this is full on document manglingly, not-doing-what-you-wanted buggy. Cor.
Miracles? These people are really keen on miracles. They have the miracle of not being beaten up and the miracle of wasting perfectly good drugs. Look 'ere, I can go around making a dreadful din in public and survive, but I don't call it a miracle, now do I? The same goes for throwing stuff away, though it sounds more dangerous.
Comment They don't sound quite as teryfying as the name implies, but not a bad effort, and they certainly have the bad website down pat.
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4 flying saucers
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